Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do you speak...

As a little girl I loved visiting my grandparents. They showered love upon me. They had the gift to make each of their grandchildren feel like they were their favorites. Grandpa was a big bear of a man who had a strong sense of fun. He never forgot what it was like to be a kid. Grandma was gentle, dainty, and talented. You could eat off her floors. Her meals were mouthwatering. She brought beauty into the world through her crafts and gardening. Occassionally they shared secrets not fit for little ears. When they did so they spoke in code. Their form of code was called Icelandic. It tinkled my ears. How I longed to share the secret of their language. Unfortunately, I was never able to. Grandma tried to teach me but my Canadian tongue could never wrap it's self around those strange sounds. We ended these sessions in laughter.
Language is a way to divide people. If you can speak our language you are one of us. If not no matter how we love you there are things we can not share.
I remember as a new knitter how my eyes would hurt as I tried to decode patterns such as "k2tog, YO, K5, Sl1, P6" It was frustrating. I felt like I would never become one of the tribe of knitters who spoke this strange language. When I became a knitwear designer I was determined that I would write patterns which united and did not divide. So I have kept abbreviations to a minimum. Today I reviewed all of my patterns (over 20) and I found a grand total of ten abbreviations. They are:
sts stitches
Stst Stockinette stitch
p purl
k knit
stsl slip stitch
psso pass slipped stitch over
yo yarn over
MC main colour
CC1 first contrasting colour
CC2 second contrasting colour

Tomorrow: something's growing?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mystery Knitalong: all is revealed.

Make four each of block A and B.
Block A: Cast on 25 stitches. Work in your choose of stitch pattern for 5". Cast off.
Block B: Cast on 20 stitches. Work in garter stitch, moss stitch or seed stitch for 6". Cast off.
Make two each of block C and the optional block D.
Block C: Cast on 40 stitches. Work in your choose of stitch pattern for 5". Cast off.
and ... Block D: (optional) Cast on 40 stitches. Work in your choose of stitch pattern for 5 1/2". Cast off.

Next Saturday: finishing.
Tomorrow: We continue our education in patterns. This post the language of knitting.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Around the block

It is a beautiful island day and I was out enjoying it. The day could not have been nicer. Warm but not hot. Sunny but not too sunny. Prefect.
Tomorrow...drum roll will receive the last piece to our 'Mystery Knitalong' puzzle. Tomorrow you will receive the instructions for block D. Tomorrow will also review all the blocks. So if you missed one don't miss tomorrow.
Wrap yourself in sunshine : )

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Let's play hockey, hockey, hockey....

Hubby has gone for the week-end to another hockey tournie. I can now confess that before this week-end I would worry when he left. After years as a desk jockey he was not in the best of shape. Guys have been known to die on the ice of heart attacks. Hockey is not a way to get into shape. You get in shape to play hockey. I never voiced my concerns. In Canada, it is illegal to come between a guy and hockey...I'm joking. Anyway, I didn't speak because I knew he would have gone anyway. We are both old stubborn mules. Today I kissed him good-bye with little to no worry. You see lately the firehall has been running fitness classes for their volunteers. I attended a class last Thursday. Minutes, hours after the class I was feeling better than I have for years. The next day was a different story but we won't get into that. Hubby has been attending these classes for weeks. So I know if he can endure these classes the dangers he will face on the ice are greatly reduced. Thank heaven for the fire chief.

My mission today is to design and knit a purse. It has been years since I did that. In fact, it was a purse that propelled me into my current career.
In 1999 (or there abouts), I designed and knit the Summer "Daze" purse and innocently hung it in the window of my store. To my surprise not only did the purse sell but many clamoured for the pattern pattern. Thus I was pushed into my position of knitwear designer. ...and I have never looked back. Who would want to.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shopping over the net

I continue to receive positive reviews of my new designs. For this, I thank you. Nothing pleases a knitwear designer more than happy knitters. Together we shape knitting's future.
On that note, PayPal presents we knitters with a safe and efficient means to shop. In order to fill PayPal orders I must receive confirmation of your payment from PayPal. Once done I simply email your pattern directly to you. Then you pick up your needles, yarn and knit. Remember as well that if you encounter any problems I am as close as your keyboard.
Happy knitting in 21st century. : )

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So what's all this, then?

this is knitting. This is what has been overwhelming me.
ArtCraft is a artist/artisan boutique on Salt Spring Island. It organized by the Gulf Islands Community Arts Council. It presents Salt Spring and Southern gulf island artists and artisans a venue to sell their wares. Inventory is due in on May 16th for us southern gulf islanders. I had to guess at the inventory that I would have available. So I guessed:
15 children's sweaters with finger puppets
6 foot thongs
4 foot thong kits
3 ladies' summer tops
3 purses.
I have left to knit:
1 children's sweater
all finger puppets
2 foot thongs
1 1/2 ladies summer tops
1 purse.
...and so why am I typing? I should be knitting. Wish me luck.

Monday, April 24, 2006


things take longer than you think they would.
What I planned for Earth day was a nice tour of Mayne Island in picture. I was going to surprise you with this last Saturday or Sunday.
Reality was that I am still waiting for my electric bike and my computer was down.
And so you now know one of the surprises which await you if you continue to visit me here.
It is another beautiful day here on the island. The sun shines, the birds call, and I know I live in paradise. This joy is increased my your positive comments regarding the changes to the web site: Thank you so much I continue to remain awed by the support I receive from the knitting community.
On a personal note please visit my niece's site:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mystery Knitalong

Please accept my apologizes. I promised you that I would post the next block for the knitalong yesterday. I wanted to make this post. However, my computer guy had other ideas. My computer has been complaining of lack of memory for a while. Yesterday my computer guy decide to answer this call. So he took my computer apart, traveled off island to obtain memory, and then finally today he installed the memory. Things are much better: meaning faster. ...and I really can't complain. My computer guy is paid in hugs and kisses. My computer guy is my hubby.

Mystery Knitalong
Block C (make 2)
In a stitch pattern of your choose, cast on 40 stitches. Work for five inches. Cast off.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ah, computers them - hate them, where would we be without them.
Ordering patterns by email is becoming so popular. It is so immediate. No more waiting. However, they do present certain problems. Cyberspace occasionally swallows patterns hole. So please let me know if you encounter any problems receiving Olavia's patterns. Ideally, please let me know of these problems in a timely manner. I want to keep all my customers happy. : )

Tomorrow: Mystery Knitalong. What can it be? What are you knitting? You have received two blocks so far. Next block, block C, arrives tomorrow. Please log on for instructions.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hope you are enjoying the updated web site:
Lots to see. My web designer and I have been working hard and it has paid off. Now that it's done my sense of being overwhelmed as been reduced some what.

Following a pattern which has sizes can be made easier: find all the information that retains to your size and highlight it with a highlighter.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Iceland Day

One hundred years ago the first Icelander settled in Victoria, BC, Canada. Today in celebration of this event it is Iceland Day in Victoria city on the Vancouver island.
One hundred + years ago my ancestors settled in Lundar, Manitoba, Canada.
Today I will celebrate this event by phoning my auntie Helga.
Recently on a trip to Iceland a cousin found a relative. This relative then traveled to Salt Spring Island, BC to pay my auntie Helga a visit.
Okay, so how Icelandic am I?
I have never been to Iceland. ...but I have visited an ancient Viking village in Newfoundland.
I am not fluent in Icelandic. ...but I do know a few words. I can say, "How are you, dear?" "Talk Icelandic, thank you." "Sloppy pig" "Good night" "Good morning" "Yes" "No"
I have never cooked an Icelandic meal. ...but I have eaten many: Rullupylsa, Brunt Braud, Skyr, Ponnukokur, Vinarterta, Kleinur name but a few.
And I have knit with Lopi wool.
So write poetry and listen to Bjork while you drink coffee and eat doughnuts.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Buying yarn for a pattern

Most pattern list the approximate amount of yarn you need to complete the pattern. It best to buy one ball (skein ) than required. There are many reasons for this:
-as it is an approximation it could be short. Best to have too much than too little.
-buying too much will ensure that you have yarn to mend the item if required.
-buying too much gives you options (i.e. if you decided to knit longer sleeves or body)
-buying too much will help you when shopping for more of the yarn (you may be tempted to toss yarn's easier to keep spare balls.)
Happy knitting,

Monday, April 17, 2006

The word of the day is...

I know today should be a day of peaceful contemplation.
Unfortunately, I feel like I have just fallen through the ice.
I can see daylight. I know its out there but I can't get to it.
I am trying and I will continue to try.
You see I am afraid I have many deadlines pending.
...and the work just seems to be piling on.
The worst is that when I feel this way I tend to panic which only makes things worse.
If I just took a few deep breaths and stayed calm I would do much better.
Unfortunately, in my present state I am not reasonable and when I try to calm down all I can think of is that I am wasting valuable time.
Thankfully, much of what I have to do is knit. You can't rush knitting. Knitting is completed one stitch at a time. It is ironic that the thing that is driving me crazy is also the thing that keeps me sane.

yah, and why don't they have favoured dental floss. : )

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Part II: Mystery Knitalong continues

Okay, by now you've finished Block A and are ready to continue with Block B.
For Block B, you need to pick your stitch pattern from among these choices: garter stitch, moss stitch, or seed stitch. If you are unfamiliar with any of these stitch patterns please refer back to my posts on each.

Block B (make 4)
Cast on 25 stitches and work in desired stitch pattern for 6". Cast off OR...
Optional: Decrease 10 stitches and continue working for 4".
Mark these blocks as "Block B".

I have recently learnt: the best way to kill a weed is to think of it as a flower. : )

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Weaver

My life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.
Oftimes he weaveth sorrow
And I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper
And I, the underside
Not until the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why
The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned
-Author Unknown

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shared Yarn

When we (hubby and I) go "off island" we are armed with a long list of must does and must gets. Mayne Island has it all in natural beauty but in terms of commercial goods and services we are happily lacking in some areas. In order to accomplish all our tasks we must be well organized. There is no time to dilly-dally. We are a little out of our environment in more ways than one. Have you ever seen an islander rush? Its not pretty. : )
Anyway, so there I was rushing through one of those big box stores on my way to my personal paradise (the yarn department) when I encountered a "learn-to-knit" display. The table was carefully laid out to attract any and all "would-bes". The kindly senior knitter had a twinkle in her eye. You could tell she was delighted by her role as knitting guide. Carefully laid out on her table where the usual projects: scarf, blanket squares, and dishclothes. The instructor and the projects just did not match. She was excited and interesting - the projects were boring. I, knitwear designer, wanted to apologize to her. I wanted to pledge to her that I would design fun, interesting projects as her teaching aids. ...but I was in a hurry. I found the beautiful purple yarn, we shared a smile and away I ran.
...but I will remember her. I will keep my pledge. I will write a book that is full of exciting, interesting "first" projects. It may take a while but I will.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Please don't copy

Okay, I can understand why crafters "share" craft items. There is a philosophy of "I help you, you help me" sisterhood in our community. ...and besides we reason, "Who does it hurt?" I use to think this myself...before I became a designer. Now I know who it hurts. As a self-publishing designer, each time I see a photo-copied pattern I don't see the pattern instead I see a poor starving designer. Contrary to popular belief, we designers do not drive expensive cars nor have pool boys. ...well, maybe some do but I don't know any. The philosophy of sharing your talent for the benefit of the crafting community does not pay the bills. This has been a steep learning curve for me. I still find my inner voice whispering, "just share". Yet, I know if I do so I know that soon I will be out of business. I know if knitters "share" my patterns with friends they will not be buying patterns from me. If my patterns are not bought I will end up out of business. So, this is a friend's request, "Please don't circulate my patterns by photo-copying them. Further, if a friend offers you a photo-copied pattern please refuse it." This said, it is permissible to photo-copy patterns for personal use.
Okay, end of rant.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Quote from an email that I received yesterday:
"Join us for the party at Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt (Vancouver Island, BC) while we KNIT OUT!
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
11 a.m. - 4 p.m."

So what is a "knit out"?

It a place where knitters can come out of the closet and declare freely and openly in a supportive environment that, "Yes! I am a knitter."

So what is planned for Saxe Point Park?

special guest: Pauline McLean Dutkowski
fashion show
knitting for charity
learn to knit
group knitting project
fashion parade
merchant table

Sounds like fun!

You betcha

Monday, April 10, 2006

In praise of novelty yarn

When hubby and I moved to our beautiful island we knew not a soul. Friendless and alone on a beautiful island on the beautiful pacific in the beautiful country of Canada. Three provinces away from my family. A ferry ride away from his. I had advised hubby that we would have to be "joiners" if we wanted to fit into a small community. So we joined social bridge. Now "social" bridge is a misnomer. These people are serious. You don't talk while you play. Yet despite the obstacles we made friends: our first island friends. Sadly, hubby and I slowly drifted away from social bridge. Me to the art council and writers group. He to the volunteer fire fighters. In our introverted way, we attempted to hold on to these "first" friends. Unfortunately, they too have begun to move away not from social bridge but rather from the island. Yet another friend is due to move off. Over these past seven years she and hubby have become rather close. Under his tutorage she has learned how to use a computer. He often sets off for her house to "help" with the PC. What he didn't know however was that her house was up for sale. It was strictly on a need to know basis. He did not need to know. Besides she was not in a hurry to sale it. Unfortunately, she recently meet someone who was in a hurry to buy. Being of a certain age she knows it is time to move yet it is hard to leave. Her roots run deep. Even though she has "trouble" with her hands she has still managed to adorn her friends with novelty yarn scarves. It is my theory that knitting helps increase her use of her hands. Knitting is a good thing. Knitting with large needles and novelty yarn is a good thing. I finally have one of these prized scarves. I chose it myself and it is beautiful. She did insist that I take a plain red one as well. Two keepsakes to remember a friend.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A good read

I know...I know...I told you that I was going to order through Amazon or the Needle Arts Book Shop.
I know...I know...I told you that I was going to mull over my book decision for a while.
I know..I know..but...
Yesterday hubby and I ventured off island. You know bad things happen when you leave the comfort of your home. This book leapt from the bookstore book shelf right into my hand. Then it dragged me to the check out. Then it flipped it pages and forced me to read. I am on page 50. Oh, those pushy city books. I will still review it. This promise you can take to the bank.

More surprises tomorrow.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The mystery knit-a-long begins

I worked in day care centres for many years: the toys were very cool! : ) The person who invented building blocks is a genius. Interlocking blocks that could become anything your mind could dream up: hours of fun.
Interlocking blocks: this is how I would like you to think of this knit-a-long. I sill supply you with a series of interlocking steps and then give you lots of room to "play". How do you play? Simply by making a series of choices. Delightfully we will work together to "design" "what ever you are knitting".
Let's begin, shall we? I trust you have the requested yarn and knitting needles. I asked you to acquire 540 yards of yarn. I would advice you to have one more ball just in case. That old boy scout motto: be prepared.
The first decision to make is to select a stitch pattern. You will find a number of posts to aide your decision: March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th as well as April 2nd. I will wait here while you make your choice.

Block A (make 4)
Cast on 25 stitches work in chosen stitch pattern for five inches. Cast off.

Tip: Do you have posted notes? If so use them to mark each block with an "A". You can also do this simply with a pin or tape and a scarp piece of paper. I can not stress enough that it is very important that you keep track of your blocks. I will be referring to the blocks as "block A" etc. So please, please, please mark them.
I will supply you with the next line next Saturday (April 15th). ...until then happy knitting!

Tomorrow: frankly, I'm not sure. So it will be a nice surprise for both of us. : )

Friday, April 07, 2006

Yarn for patterns

...and so...just where have I been all day.
Well, I spent some time with friends.
Friends who I just casually bumped into on my way to the Post Office.
Do you remember my children's book submission. Well, I mailed it. It didn't get too far. I found it in my mail box yesterday: insufficient postage.
So today I mailed it again with sufficient postage.
A friend who knows said, "Congratulations!"
When I commented that "congratulations" was may be a little pre-mature.
he said, "No, its not, I know what a big step that is for you."
Wise man...he's right.
Sending something off to a "publisher" is big.
I could liken it to..oh, let me see...trying to get into the "in" crowd in high school. No matter how may times you say, "No, really, I am cool!" You know it is beyond your powers. "They" are in complete control. "They" tell you if you're "in". They tell you if they want to "buy" what you have to "sell".
So baring all this in mind why do I feel so good? Why don't I feel vulnerable? I think its because I know the idea has merit. I like the book. I think kids would have fun with it. Its cool to know that I created it.
Also I should add. I have had very positive relationships with publishers. Namely, Cynthia MacDougall of 'Knit Together'. Her comments have helped me to grow so much in my chosen profession of knitwear designer. I do look forward to finding more gems like her.
Wow! Way off topic. Has nothing to do with 'yarn for patterns'. ...but I just had to share it with you.

Tomorrow: the first line of the pattern.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


What arrived in the mail?
I have been wanting to attend this fibre festival for at least two years now. Some year I will. I wish it was this year. As I flipped through the pages I found Wendy Henderson's offering: Our Knitting Heritage. The title alone got me. Log on to for more information.
"Knit Together" is a voice for Canadian knitters. Find out more by logging on to:

I invite you to participate in Olavia's first knit-a-long. It is a knit-a-long like no other. You will receive no picture of what you are knitting while you are knitting it. I will supply a picture at the conclusion. I will not refer to what you are knitting as any thing but "what you are knitting". Meaning simply you will receive no clues from me. Guessing is allowed. You will receive the pattern line by line. One line every Saturday for as long as it lasts. This will be as challenging for me the designer as it will be for you the knitter. (Kinda like saying, "This will hurt me just as much as it hurts you.") The Knit-a-long is for knitters of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. You should know how to cast on and off (bind off), knit, purl and decrease.
Your shopping list:
-540 yards of "light" worsted weight yarn (also known as double knit in Britain...yes?) Examples of this yarn are: Astra by Patons or Little Lehigh by Kraemer Yarns.
If you do have this type of yarn in your stash please use it.
-4.50 mm/US 7/UK 7 knitting needles OR size to obtain tension.
Tension: 5 stitches x 8 rows = one inch.

Tomorrow: more on patterns.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

your map

Do you take a map when you travel? So do

I had traveled from Winnipeg to Eriksdale thousands of times. Always as a passenger never as a navigator. Still my boyfriend insisted that I must know the way. Like a homing pigeon, all I would have to do is find my way home by traveling in a straight line: Eriksdale is directly north of Winnipeg.

We knew we were in trouble when through the blizzard we read the road signs: welcome to Rosser. Rosser is on the boarder between Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We had traveled diagonally.

In knitting as in traveling, it is wise to know where you are headed. Your road map is the pattern. Read it. In fact, before you cast on one stitch read it straight through. While you read, ask yourself:
-do I understand this pattern?
-is there anything missing?
-am I capable of following this pattern?

"Happy trails." -Roy Rogers

On the book: I am still savouring the decisions. Careful choice makes for a good read.

Tomorrow: more on patterns.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Picture this

The first thing that attracts many to a pattern is the picture.

Mayne Island is populated with many quilters. They are an undeniable force. Sixty members strong and growing they have and do move mountains. I, humble knitter as I am, have befriended a few. If you are a friend of a quilter soon you will find yourself trapped in a fabric shop. Fabric looks like fabric looks like fabric. Except of course if you are a quilter. They can literally spend hours savouring each colour. Occasionally, these places will - thank the stars - have yarn. I have become very good at scouting it out. Even a small amount can pacify me. Occasionally, these places are barren. Horrors upon horrors there is nothing absolutely nothing but fabric, thread, notions and patterns. Like a preschooler, I toddle over to the patterns. I like looking at the pictures. However, I am struck by the differences between these pictures and those which adorn knitting patterns. Many of these pictures are drawings: artful illustrations. They are clearly meant to reel you in. Weather or not the directions will actually lead you to this utopia remains to be seen. Weather or not someone has actually used this pattern to achieve a sewn item - has yet to be proven. Yes, we must feel sorry for our sewing sisters: they take much on faith.
Most knitting pattern pictures are photos of actual items which actually exist. We know that someone has used the pattern to create a hand knit item the prove is on the pattern. Some pictures can hide a world of sins. So beware the model whose body appears to be twisted. Seek out pictures of 'real' people. Out of desperation I have become 'the' model for Olavia's hand knitting patterns. My body, with all its figure flaws, the body of actual person. If I look good in the sweater you know you will.

On the book front:
"Wendy knits" looks very good to me. (what am I talking about? please read yesterday's post) It is a collection of personal essays and patterns. It is due to be released in late April. Especially appealing to me because I am working a similiar book. (more on this in future posts). Prehaps I will email Needle Arts Book Shop to have my name added to the list. More on Wendy:

Tomorrow: continue our discussion on patterns.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Replacing Knit Lit III

Okay, you may recall my recent disappointment at finishing KnitLit III. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love to read knitting stories. Though there is a fine bookstore on Mayne Island, it does not carry knit lit. If I shopped at Miners Bay Book shop I would have to have them order in especially for me. I am reluctant to take this action as I do not have a title in mind let alone an authour. So I had to find another solution to my problem. I went web shopping. First I visited:
the Needle Arts Book Shop (
I used the search words: "knitting stories" and found
Wendy Knits - $17.95 a collection of stories
Cheaper than therapy - $14.95 a collection of stories
KnitLit Too - $18.95 (it's odd, eh, I have read I and III but not II)
Two Sweaters for my father - $16.95
Yarn Harlot - $17.95 (I enjoyed 'At Knitter's End')
Beyond Stitch and Bitch - $17.95
Then I visited:
I used the search words: "knitting fiction" and found
Knitting: A Novel
Died in the Wool: A Knitting Mystery
The Shop on Blossom Street
The advantage of shopping here is that I can buy used books.

My idea is to select a few books and review them in my blog. I do read rather slowly and so this process would take a couple of months. I am also ruthless. A book must capture my interest in the first few pages or even lines: if it fails I refuse it just like that. I am excited about finding the prefect book and will keep you posted. If you can recommend any of the above titles I would appreciate the help.
Next post: choosing a pattern.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stitch pattern: In conclusion

Do you remember the checklist I gave you at the beginning of these posts on "Stitch patterns". Well, I recently reviewed and observed that I had not supplied you with a list of sources for stitch patterns as I had promised. So this posts sets out to rectify this omission.
On the web
Goggling "stitch patterns" yielded this site:
It is definitely worth a look. It supplies a broad range of stitch patterns that are well organized.
There are many fine books. I found two on stitch patterns:
200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton
365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar by Martingale
I am sure there are many more to discover. So go, shop, enjoy.
At Amazon (
I toddled on over to Amazon. I was looking for strictly stitch pattern books. I found these four books:
'450 Knitting Stitches - Volumne 2 (Harmony Guide)'
'Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns' by Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.
'The Knitting Stitch Bible' by Maria Parry-Jones
'Beautiful Knitting Patterns' by Gisela Klopper
I apologize, I can not recommend any. Although, their helpful information on the Amazon site which can aide in the selection.
It is interesting to note that the selection grows more vast if you broaden it to books that include stitch patterns as a subgroup.
On my bookshelf
Even though this book was published in 1963 it is my most recent acquisition. It was given to me with a wealth of other knitting treasures. The price was right. You can't beat free. The information is interesting and not dated. ...can stitch patterns date? Although the "800" may be slight misnomer. ...but who frankly cares? So I would advice you to hunt through old chests and used bookstores.

This book was published in 1997 though I bought in 2002 or 3. The patterns included where dated for 1997. Once again who cares? What I am interested in is the stitch patterns. Remember, I prefer stitch patterns which do not exceed four rows. Sadly, there are not many of these in this book.
This book was published in 2004. It has a whole chapter expressly for me: Simple Stitch Library. It was also on sale. So how can you lose. Later chapters are also alluring.
I have limited this book review to strictly stitch pattern books. I do have more books that just happen to include stitch patterns between their covers.

Next post: selecting a book to replace KnitLit III

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool's day

Mom: "Oh! NO! I dropped a stitch."
Child: "Don't worry, Mom, you have lots more."

Fool: one who refuses to laugh at themselves.
I am wearing April's offering for Olavia's monthly pattern club. Email to join.

Be continually looped ... knit

Tomorrow: don't forget to spring ahead one hour.