Sunday, August 30, 2009

Each month I report on my most popular Author's den writing and feature that piece here. The piece is chosen by you.
How is it chosen?
Well, I count the number of times you logged on to read it. The piece that receives the most hits is the piece that is featured. This month that piece was Mother, May I. I read it, on Mayne Island, during opening night of the Mom's show. It is currently on display at the Mayne Island reading centre ("library"). And...drum roll, it is...

I offer this a poem, a chant, a prayer...

Mother, May I
Mother Mary
Mother Goddess
Mother, may you
Create me, hold me, transform me
From virgin to mother to crone
Blessed Mother
Mother Creator
Mother, may I
Create, hold, transform
From virgin to mother to crone
The divine love
The power of three

Sunday, August 09, 2009


by Phil HIndmarch

I have friends in town, friends abroad,

Friends I see most days,

Friends I see occasionally,

Friends with eccentric ways.

I have friends who sometimes use me,

Friends who never fail,

Friends I truly do admire,

Some friends belong in jail!

Some friends are rich, some are poor,

Some are worn with care,

Some live the life of Riley,

For some the cupboard’s bare.

I have friends who love me dearly

(Might they extend a loan?)

Friends who rarely call me,

Friends who won’t get off the phone.

I have friends who think I’m smart,

Friends who think I’m dumb,

Friends who like my verses,

For some they’re just ho-hum.

But my friends I deeply treasure,

Through good times and in strife.

Stalwart or fair weather,

Friends are the spice of life.

Monday, August 03, 2009

You really should join me at
I am enjoying my visit with Mayne Island's summer resident -- Phil Hindmarch. Phil has crafted many a fine poem and he is generously sharing some with us. Enjoy.