Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy rainy Halloween

No, this isn't a witch or a ghost. It is I, your friendly neighbourhood knitter. And I am wearing the vest. The vest that appears in the recent issue of Knit Together. Yes, that's right the Hummingbird garden vest. Knit it, wear it, love it.

This month the story (of mine) that you voted number one was: Regarding Matt. You choose it from the selection of stories that appear on my Author's Den web site. Please visit it:

Here is....

Regarding Matt

All through their lives, Marcus had been ahead of Matt. He had laid in his Mom’s arms – wrapped in love – a full five minutes before Matt showed any sign of arriving. He had walked long before Matt. Marcus - at seven months - used the lumbering old family dog to steady himself. Matt preferred to be carried from room to room. He would stretch out his arms and beg; “up” His charm was irresistible even then. Marcus privately maintained that it was Matt’s charm that made him a greedy, selfish, self-centred, arrogant bastard. Without those laughing blue eyes, without that radiant smile his brother would stand some chance at becoming a human being. Unfortunately, it was far too late for that now. Matt had gained far too much to turn back.
Matt’s charm had propelled him through school. He never needed to work everyone else was way too willing to do the work for him.
Matt excelled in fun – he shunned work, Marcus thought. Matt was the star quarterback. Girls clawed at each other to get close to him.
Marcus was studious. He lived in the shadows. He avoided the light were Marcus shone. He told himself, he had no interested in being a show-off. However, this was only an excuse. He would have participated. He would have tried out for school plays and school sports but he wished to avoid comparison. He didn’t want to be judged by Matt’s standards and be found wanting. So, Marcus poured his energies into academia. He was shy and awkward around first girls and then women. He fell all over himself red-faced. Matt made them swoon – Marcus made them laugh.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging in

Sorry about my absence. My one and only excuse (well two actually) my computer is still attempting not to crash and I...I am sick. Not the damsel in distress romantic kind of sick, I'm afraid. Rather the one knitting needle without the other kind of ugly sick. My irritable bowel syndrome has raised its ugly head again in more gross ways than one. I have become too familiar with the inside of Royal Jubilee Hospital. And although it is full of devoted hard working, caring nurses and doctors (who are run off their feet) it is a place that I never want to visit again. On the pulse oh its that interesting side I got a CT scan done. I've seen these monster donuts on House and always wondered what it was like. I commented as such to the radiologist and she thought I was "cute". She was very nice and tried to make the experience a memoriable one. After two brief one-day back-to-back visits (one last Thursday that stretched into Friday and one yesterday and today) I have discovered the pleasure of taking a good book with you to ER. It is a must. I have also rediscovered the joys of finding another knitter and knitting in harmony. After all that, however, I am finally,thankfully, joyously back home. I love Mayne Island and want to stay here. Pieces of the puzzle that once assembled will hopefully keep me here: I must watch my diet, I must watch my stress and I must exercise. And a 1 and a 2. Or as a friend told me, "Walk". So in case you were wondering were I was: that's where. Your kind thoughts as always are most appreciated.
Take care,