Saturday, May 31, 2008


Good bye May. Where the month went is any one's guess. I certainly don't know. What did I accomplish this month.
Well, writing wise I sent three manuscripts away to publishers. I have a while to wait before I hear anything (I hope) so I have decided to try (it will be a brave attempt) to forget about them and move on.
Knitting wise let's just take it one week at a time. Shall we? Last week I finished these two sweaters...

Also this month I introduced you to my space on the Author's Den.
It was very nice to see that some of you visited me there.
Your favourite piece of writing from that site was: A Love Letter.
Here it is...
We have always had a special relationship. When we meet you woed me with your clever tricks. You were never the same way twice. Sometimes your “b” looked like a “d”. Sometimes your “p” looked like a “q”. I was surprised to hear that you didn’t entertain everyone in this manner.

Later our relationship grew and I learnt that you could be collected into a group. I was informed that this group was read as a word.

Ah, how your words danced before my eyes. Sometimes “w-a-s” danced. How it waltzed. How it jigged. How it jived. Watch it now as it twists into “s-a-w”. Amazing! Thrilling! Yet you only danced for me.

Your behaviour does make our relationship challenging.

Words dance before my eyes…unclaimed. Sometimes I am forced to guess at your intent. You are always a puzzle, a surprise. You intrigue me. You entertain me. You embarrass me.

Do you remember the time I was reading you to a group of children? I thought we were having a merry old time until one of the children stopped me. It seems you had fooled me yet again but you hadn’t fooled the child. Perhaps it was my fault. Maybe I had upset you in some way.

Whatever the case, it was long ago and I have forgiven you.

My passion for you grows stronger everyday. I love you so.

So what if your relationship with others is easier and more harmonious. To me you will always be my A-B-C’s.

copyright ldyck 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nature and I

I have, what others have called Iris, growing in my garden since we moved here. I don't recall actually seeing them flower. Although, Hubby ensures me that I am wrong. That they have indeed flowered. I insist they haven't. ...and on, and on like this.
However, regardless, they are flowering this year. In fact, they just started flowering this week. Aren't they beautiful? I love that shade of purple.

That's what nature completed this week.
And what about me...
As well as the sweater pictured here, I have the body of another sweater finished.
I am pleased by my progress. My goal is to have 13 baby sweaters and 4 children sweaters complete by June 10th. June 10th is the deadline for inventory to arrive at ArtCraft on Salt Spring Island.
What do I have left?
I have to finish the child's sweater I am currently working on. Then I have to knit the last baby sweater. Then I have to make tons of finger puppets. Lastly, I have to sew seams and weave in ends. I have two and a half weeks left (about 18 days). I should have no problem reaching my goal but let's keep our fingers crossed just in case...shall we?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where is Waldo

It's been a long time since my last post.
You may be asking yourself, "Just were is Leanne?"

Am I out smelling the flowers...
Am I knitting...

Yup, I am. I am also writing. ...I'm just not writing posts for my blog. I apologize for that. ...but know I am having fun. I hope you are too. All the best.

Oh, yes and I should add a word or two on where I will be tomorrow. My good friend Celia Leaman is having a book launch at our local book store Miners Bay Books. Her new book is called The Winnowed Woman. The book launch will be on Saturday, May 17th at 3:30 pm. Please come and support her. I wish you all the best Celia. : )

Friday, May 02, 2008

made it

This is what mother nature accomplished this week...

apple blossoms
lilac budding
And me. What did I accomplish?
Thanks for asking

Finished this sweater...

and started this one...

Yes, I love colour.
"What about yesterday?" I hear you ask, "How did things go?"
Well, very well. I can't say enough about the fine care I received at Lady Minto. The nurses and the doctors are all very capable, caring people.
Still there is no escaping the power of the mind. I have lived a long time without the intervention of doctors. I have gone for annual check-ups and of course mammograms. However, nothing major.
Yesterday was a full of many new experiences. I got my first IV. Thankfully due to the powerful meds I don't remember much. I do remember that I employed some stress coping techniques. For example, I visualized being in my happy place: outside sitting in my knitting chair. That was before the procedure.
During the procedure - I don't remember much.
After, I can remember saying something like... "This was fun we should do it again." Yeah, those were good drugs.
What did they find?
Well, it looks like I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sounds pretty, uh? Well, it is believe me. Pretty but not that deadly thankfully. Treatment will mean keeping a tight hold on my diet and learning successful ways to deal with stress.

I wish you a relaxing weekend