Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm on holidays

I'm spending a month in sunny Manitoba. While here I will be visiting family and friends. My Internet access will be ifie so I'm afraid I will have to put my Author's Den pick of the month on hold until I get back.
However, I invite you to log to Maynely a Mystery's web site ( for some exciting news.
Stay cool, dress warm

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes, I am knitting

In four days I will be traveling east from Mayne Island, British Columbia to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I just looked at Winnipeg's 14 day weather forecast. Things start out well. However, then things change violently. Below seasonal norms, those words bring a chill to my heart. So what does a knitter do? Faced with such predictions, what do we do?...
Why knit, of course. Right now on one pair of needles I have navy yarn. I am slowly transforming this yarn into a sleeve. I have finished the body of my "Ribbing Exploration" cardigan. I am hoping that some kind knitting ezine or magazine will buy this design. enough said.
On another set of needles, bamboo needles, I have white yarn. This yarn is slowly shaping into a toque.
Wby white?
Well, a friend recently gave me a beautiful, warm extra long scarf and white is the only colour in my stash that would match it.
Four days to finish these projects. My wrists are sore but I solider on... Please wish me luck.
Dress warm...stay cool.