Saturday, August 30, 2008

my writing on Author's Den (August)

On the last day of the month I offer my most popular piece of writing from my Author's Den web site This month I'm a day early so that I can report on the Bar-b-que late Sunday or early Monday. I hope you enjoy my writing...
Regarding Matt

All through their lives, Marcus had been ahead of Matt. He had laid in his Mom’s arms – wrapped in love – a full five minutes before Matt showed any sign of arriving. He had walked long before Matt. Marcus - at seven months - used the lumbering old family dog to steady himself. Matt preferred to be carried from room to room. He would stretch out his arms and beg; “up” His charm was irresistible even then. Marcus privately maintained that it was Matt’s charm that made him a greedy, selfish, self-centred, arrogant bastard. Without those laughing blue eyes, without that radiant smile his brother would stand some chance at becoming a human being. Unfortunately, it was far too late for that now. Matt had gained far too much to turn back.
Matt’s charm had propelled him through school. He never needed to work everyone else was way too willing to do the work for him.
Matt excelled in fun – he shunned work, Marcus thought. Matt was the star quarterback. Girls clawed at each other to get close to him.
Marcus was studious. He lived in the shadows. He avoided the light were Marcus shone. He told himself, he had no interested in being a show-off. However, this was only an excuse. He would have participated. He would have tried out for school plays and school sports but he wished to avoid comparison. He didn’t want to be judged by Matt’s standards and be found wanting.
So, Marcus poured his energies into academia. He was shy and awkward around first girls and then women. He fell all over himself red-faced. Matt made them swoon – Marcus made them laugh.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Bar-b-que with Lions

The last, fragile days of summer are upon us. It is a time to cheerish and reflect. This summer I stayed on the island. I didn't go anywhere. There was a time when I would have described this summer with one word: boring. Yet, this summer was anything but. I truly enjoyed myself. I was absorded by writing and knitting. I was entertained by friends and neighbours. So need you ask where I will be going this labour day weekend. I will be staying right here where I belong. This weekend I will eat salmon with friends and nieghbours as talented local musicians play. This weekend I will attend the Mayne Island Lions' Bar-b-que. See you there. For those of you who can't attend I will report back.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a knitting tip

Knitting is a form of meditation for me. It allows me to zone out so that I can zone in. So, I simplify my knitting. Baring this goal in mind, I "univented" this method.

When working a stitch pattern such as

Moss stitch
Row 1 & 2: knit 1, purl 1
Row 3 & 4: purl 1, knit 1
Repeat rows 1 to 4 for pattern

Or the Hurdle stitch as seen above I use two balls of yarn. I knit the first two rows from the first ball. Then I knit rows 3 and 4 from the second ball. This way I can tell without thinking which row I am knitting.
Happy knitting

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The baby sweater saga

Last week I received, in the mail, a large box full of yarn. I have been steadily working ever since.
Last night I finished baby sweater number two. I have four more to complete. My self imposed deadline is September 13th. The other sweaters will be sizes 4 and 6. Just where are these sweaters heading? Continue to log on and follow the saga.
Why don't I just tell you now?
Well, because I firmly believe in Murphy's law. So even though I think I know where these sweaters are headed. Only Murphy knows for sure. : )

Monday, August 25, 2008

Congratulations to Iceland

Okay so I was going to remain mum regarding the Olympic games. I didn't have much to say until I heard about the Icelandic handball players. Iceland - a country with a population of 300,000 - was attempting to win its first gold medal. It has won bronze and silver. Saturday all looked good: Iceland was victorious against Spain. Sunday Iceland was on pins and needles as they watched their fellow countryman. Read more:
I would like to congratulation the Icelandic handball players on their valiant effort.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who will speak?

The Mayne Island volunteer community has worked hard to establish the Japanese gardens. It is a beautiful, you should see it. It proudly speaks of Mayne Island's Japanese pioneers.

...but there were people here before them. There were people here before us all. Who will speak for them.
My friend John Aitken will,,,
Next summer this figure will stand tall in the Felix and Emma Jacks's park.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pattern stitch

I have started selling knitted items on Mayne Island at Coastal Creations. Coastal Creations is a popular art, craft gallery. Currently I am working on a scarf. The fun of knitting a scarf, for me, is two-fold. First I am able to meditate. It allows me to zone out and work on other things while I work such as my writing. Second I can experiment with new stitch patterns. I just found this stitch pattern.
It is called the hurdle stitch. I found it on August 18th. It was that day's featured knitting treat offered by the Accord Publishing's Knitting a-pattern-a-day calender. The pattern is easy: two rows of garter stitch and two rows of 1 x 1 rib. I am using 4.50 mm/ US 7. I have 40 stitches on my needles.
If you know other fun stitch patterns please send me an email: Thank you.
Happy knitting

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

baby vest pattern added to

This cute vest is easy to knit and has a unique construction. Order it today and receive it today when you request an emailed pattern.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Come with me to the Mayne Island Fall Fair

Pictures speak louder than words

Welcome to the fair...
Mayne Islanders are always happy to help lost tourists.

Let's have a parade...

My friends and I were very impressed with how well these two RCMP members marched together. The member on the left will soon be moving away from Mayne Island, he will be replaced by the member on the right.

Following the RCMP were the bagpipers from Pender Island. They stirred the soul. I love bagpipes. ...and no, I have no Scottish blood...that I know of...

My friend Louie clowing around on his bike.

Wee Mayne Islanders, parents and leaders of the Mother Goose group.

The Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce float. In the pen were kids, goats and Joyce. You think they had fun...yup

Our friends from Rest Q. them...they need your support. They do very good things for abandoned, neglected and abused animals. Donate time, donate money, donate... You'll feel good about it.

Recycle, reduce, reuse...Mayne Island's recyling depot.

Buy, consume, recycle...this float says it all.

And I can't tell you how glad I was to see this car in the parade. You may recall that I mentioned a quilted car that was in the quilt show. I was annoyed because I ran out of batteries for my camera and was unable to take a photo. Well, Judy gave me a second chance and this time I was ready.

Dance to your own drum beat.

Each September Mayne Islanders come out in a huge mass to raise money for the Terry Fox fondation. They were their to remind us...September is coming.

My friend Celia said, "Oh, I didn't know Mayne Island had a red hat society?"
I said, "What's the red hat society?"
She didn't have time to explain and so I googled. Here's what I found...

TOPS is a weight lose program that has helped many Mayne Islanders.

Each year the parade grows bigger and more impressive. It makes me proud to live on this island.
On to the fair...
On the Ag hall grounds there were tons of things to do: play games: eat delicious food; learn about island associations and services; say howdy to neighbours...
and listen to the awards being presented.
Inside the Ag Hall
Awards were presented for...

Plants and flowers



My children's sweater won a second prize ribbon.

My caridgan won a first prize ribbon.

There were other categories...but those were the important ones...IMHO
There was also an interesting exhibit on island history at the museum. This year the focus was on the Japanese pioneers. Briefly - maybe too briefly - the Japanese pioneers contributed much to Mayne Island. They were hard working and so employeed many of the white pioneers. During the second world war, when they were removed from the island the white residents suffered: few jobs and the school had to be closed due to fewer students. Unfortunately, very few Japanese families have returned. Although, their influence is still felt. Mayne Island has established the Japanese gardens to honour their memory.

And thus the sun set on the beautiful isle of Mayne

Oh, yes, and the exciting news. My learn-to-knit pattern book Yarn Therapy (pictured above) is now sold at Miner's Bay Books. My hand knit items (children's sweaters, scarves) are for sale on Mayne Island at the Coastal Creations.
Hope you had as fun a weekend as I. Write to you soon.