Saturday, October 31, 2009

Author's Den

First, regarding last night, I wasn't disappointed. I am delighted to report that I was one of a large number of Mayne Islanders who throughly enjoyed Al's play.
Now, regarding Author's Den, as you may have noticed I have not been posting your monthly pick since August. This doesn't mean that I haven't been writing. My pen has been busy. I have been working on the next book in the Maynely a Mystery series. The working title of this new book is Maynely Hidden. (Maynely Hidden is one of three books I am currently working on.) I have sent a novella to a publishing house and I have been entering writing contests. What I haven't been doing is adding new enters to my Author's Den site. I apologize for this. I'm not sure when this will change. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your interested in my writing activities. As for my knitting -- after all this is a knitting blog -- I have been gearing up for the craft shows. Wintercraft -- on Salt Spring Island -- will opening in early December: December 2nd. A friend and I will be marketing our handicrafts and books at a craft show on Vancouver Island. And, of course, I will be participating in a craft show on Mayne Island -- December 13th (I think). My needles are flying through ball after ball of yarn to prepare for these shows. I will write more about these craft shows as they draw nearer. (or at least that's what I plan to do...sometimes my plans you will know if you frequent this blog.)
All the best
Weather here: sunny and warm
Happy Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009

Life on Mayne Island: That's Al Folks!

The first time I meet Alan was during rehearsal. I had volunteered to be in a play. Me - the one who can't remember if she has brushed her teeth. How was I going to remember my lines? I don't know.
At the time, I was told that Alan had been in over six Mayne Island Little Theatre plays. He was described as being very talented.
Was I intimidated?
Then I meet him. Then he put me at ease. Then we enjoyed the victory of entertaining friends and family.
I wanted to introduce my new friend to Hubby. Finally I had an opportunity when I saw Alan on the ferry.
Alan walked by and I began an introduction... my introduction was cut short when the two men greeted each other like friends.
Alan is a personable, fun, Mayne Islander. And, oh, yes, he has Schizophrenia.
Shortly after seeing Alan's entertaining, informative one-man play, I shared with him the reception I receive after mentioning I have dyslexia.
"They begin to talk very slowly and use simple words," I told him.
He laughed.
Tonight I will join a large audience of Mayne Islanders (I'm hoping) as I watch - for the second time - Alan's one-man play: That's Al Folks!
An article regarding this show appears in the October issue of The MayneLiner. In that article May McKenzie is quoted as saying, "He said he wanted to do a show about 'me', about the way I am.'
Following the play, there will be a cafe style discussion on issues around mental health.
The play starts at 6:30 pm at the Ag Hall.
I hope to see you there tonight. I'll be the one laughing too loudly and clapping too often.
: ) Leanne

Friday, October 23, 2009

Back home...barely

I made it home and it only cost me a couple of bucks, a pair of scissors and a large bottle of eyeglass cleaner. Don't ask. It was completely my fault. Some day I will learn how to pack. I'm still adjusting to BC life. I woke up this morning thinking I had over slept. My alarm clock reported it was 8:52 am. Well, as it turned out that was Manitoba time. It really is a good thing I didn't travel to some exotic "clim" like Utah. I would be adjusting until next Thursday.
Shall we skip this month's Author Den pick and carry on until the end of this month?
Let me know.
Rain clouds are going to clear up. Put on a happy face.
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