Friday, November 28, 2008

Knit one, two, three

After days and days - well, at least two - of faithful blogging I must pause. I'm dispiritedly trying to get all my inventory ready for WinterCraft (a month long Christmas craft show on Salt Spring Island, BC). Can't you hear my needles clicking? Due to the fact that I live on Mayne Island, it takes me three days to deliver my items. You see the bus on Salt Spring Island doesn't run on Sunday and the ferry won't get me there early enough on Monday. Alternatively, if I lived on Salt Spring, I could accomplish the whole thing in under four hours. (I'm also volunteering at the gallery). But my heart belongs to Mayne so here I will stay.
Take care

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Has this ever happened to you

Even though there are many, many advantages to simple knitting - such as keeping all your hair and no severe headaches. There are some disadvantages.

Engaging in simple knitting allows me to go on auto pilot. I do all my knitting my touch. This allows me to watch TV, read books and socialize while I knit.
However, it is not without its hazards. Mistakes - yes, I have made them.

Case in point: The tale of the two yarn scarf
I was merrily visiting other artists and artisans at the craft show while I knit.
I was knitting a scarf using finger weight and worsted weight yarn. I loved the combination and my needles were moving quickly through the yarn. I looked down to see...
You will notice that one yarn has ended in the middle of the row while the other went on alone. I had to, of course, rip back half of the row. I tried not to blush as I ripped. Sometimes these things happen.
Take care,

Doing a new thing

Once again I'm posting from E PC. What a handy little computer.
Yesterday I decided to make something new for supper: roasted vegetables. New to me - maybe not to you. Well, I searched through all ten of my cookbooks. It seems that roasting vegetables is like boiling water: no one needs a recipe but me. But I did need a recipe so I turned on E PC and did a google search. I found the prefect recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't have any of the vegetables they suggested. Instead I used: squash, zucchini, egg plant, and peppers. Then I followed the recipe. I
pre-heated the oven to 425 degrees. I cut the vegetables into cubes and placed them in a large bowl. I sprinkled them with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, garlic and herbs. 30 minutes later they were ready. They were delicious.
Happy American Thanksgiving.
Please remain logged on. I will add my post - Has this ever happened to you - later today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My confession

When some knitters talk about knitting, I'm reminded of a fire and brimstone preacher. There is he standing at his pulpit, his fist pounding hard as he roars, "Read your Bible. Live like a Christian." In his eyes, you are a Christian if you believe what he believes and if you behave like he behaves. If you don't then you are a sinner.

Fire and brimstone knitters’ hold fast to the belief that knitting is a competitive sport: their goal is complete mastery of the craft. In their eyes, this is a knitter. If you don’t hold to this code then you are not a knitter.

Non-knitters take pleasure in garter, seed, rib stitches. They choose to knit on two straight needles. They enjoy knitting scarves.

Knitters believe that if only non-knitters were smarter they would repent. They would knit lace. They would enjoy knitting on four needles. They would enjoy knitting socks.

Well, even though I knit for four hours most days (some days more – some less), I’m a non-knitter. I’m doomed to live out my days as a non-knitter. I have found a different way and firmly embrace it.

No, I didn't knit these. I bought them last week-end.

I know my confession will shock some of you especially considering the fact that I call myself a knitwear designer. I apologize and hope that you can try to understand.

Eee PC

I'm writing this on my new computer. It turns out it wasn't that hard. Who knew? Well, apparently my computer guru did. He said that I should just go for it. Well, I didn't I waited. That behaviour fits with my general philosophy of life. More on this later today. (I can't post a picture from my new computer so we must wait.)
Bye for now

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What came in the mail

I had a busy day yesterday. My electric bike zoomed from Tia Chi to Knitting group. However, I did have time to stop at the post office and pick up a parcel.
You: Well, Leanne, just what was in that parcel?
Me: Well, you may recall that I mentioned that my old computer was on its last legs.
Poor old girl.
So, Hubby found this great deal and yesterday this intriguing box arrived.
Inside was...

Isn't it pretty?

Hubby said something about it not being able to do everything that the old girl could. But I'm thrilled. Its so light and tiny. I could take it every where. What more could a writer want?
You: Are you using it right now?
Me: No. You see I'm home alone without my computer guru. So, I simply go and pet it and tell it how pretty it is. That will just have to do until he gets home. Somethings are worth waiting for and this is one of those things.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Magic at Mayne Island's Ag Hall

As a little girl, I was captivated with stories about straw being spun into gold. I remained captivated until I moved to Mayne Island where such a thing is an every day occurrence. I am overwhelmed by the talent that abounds on this island.

Behold the magic...

Please notice the jars of jams and jellies on this table. I did. I had to, couldn't refuse a jar of blackberry jam and although it does contain sugar I have been indulging. May my IBS forgive me and let it pass. I did make another purchase during my stop at this table. I will tell you about it next week when I make a shocking confession, please stay tuned for that one its a biggy.
Aren't these clever? It was also sold at this table...although not for long. Someone snapped them up.

Yes, Mayne Island has firefighters. Thank goodness. These brave dudes are always available when we need them. And now we have our own firefighter calendar. They're going fast. So if you see one grab it. All the money is going to a great and necessary cause.

I do deeply apologize for the camerperson's lack of ability, Ingrid. We should have taken that other shot. I also apologize for my oversight: it seems, although I have no idea how this is even possible, that I forgot to take a picture of my friend Celia's table. Had I only the ability to turn back time.
The hustle and bustle that was the Ag Hall and the only shot that I have of Celia's table. You can see one red corner and resting there is shortbread. Ah, now I know why I forgot to take a picture of the table. Shortbread wonderful shortbread I crave it. Celia makes mouth-watering shortbread. And I sadly can no longer digest it. Hence the reason I forgot to take a picture: my attempt to block it from view.

Also next week I will confess the blunder that I made while knitting at the Ag Hall, in my post entitled: Has this ever happened to you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Celebrate the magic

Roger Whittaker sings: A Special Kind of Man

The Magic Carpet

"Come for a ride on my magic carpet," my cousin said to me. "And we will travel far away and distant lands we'll see.
We'll fly over teal-coloured seas,
We'll see tall snow-capped mountains,
We'll find wondrous treasures.
All will be yours.
If you'll only travel with me."

"That's not a magic carpet! It's only an old rug," I declared.

"Ah, yes, if you look with your eyes. But you must see with your heart," my cousin said to me.

Suddenly, before my very eyes the rug underwent a mystical transformation and became a magic carpet.

I gleefully jumped on, determined to go for a ride. Immediately it leapt into action. It rose higher and still higher, breaking through the living room ceiling. And still it rose higher, sailing into the blue sky of our tiny little town. Still it didn't stop. It rose higher. The sun shone on my face. The wind whipped through my hair. My eyes filled with delights. My mind reeled with possibilities.

Oh, what a gift my cousin gave to me that day.

(c) ldyck 4/07

Celebrate the people who bring magic to your life.

And please don't forget to visit Mayne Island's Ag hall tomorrow. Magic awaits you there.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Craft show on Mayne Island

I knit again...still.
There's going to be a Craft Show
This weekend: Saturday, November 22nd from 10 am to...
Where: Mayne Island's Agricultural Society Hall
Tons of tasty and tasteful treats - come early and buy tons.
Get all your Christmas shopping done.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month

Mayne Island will remember them.

For an pictorial account of the day, please visit this site:

Follow the links to Toby Snelgrove's site for even more.

Enjoy, I did.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mayne Island Craft Fair

I apologize for the delay in posting this blog entry but between my computer's ailment and my own the delay was unfortunately necessary.
Although their many other destinations, I stayed put and knit. More on what I am knitting later in this post. First, behold the beautiful art of Debbie Bowles. Debbie is a fine artist and her cards and tea towels sold very well.

Now, behold the combination of beauty and function that is Amber Harvey's crochet.

Please meet the author, artisan Amber Harvey.

Then humbly I present my own work. Please visit her web site:
My books:

Amber Harvey's tams, Celia Leaman's toques and my scarves....

More of my scarves and one more tam by Amber...

I did finish the tree scarf.

And I am working on another tree scarf. This one will be in green yarn and using the design seen with Amber's purple tam.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thank you

to those who visited me yesterday at the beautiful home of my friend Celia Leaman. You made it a very successful day. I will report about Saturday later today. Of course, the weekend does continue. And you still have a chance to snap up island creations from Mayne Island. My hand knit items are available for sale today and tomorrow from Coastal Creations gallery.
I would also like to apologize. I was in error when I told some of you that there was a 50% sale on all items (including my scarves) at Coastal Creations. I'm not sure how I got that idea but I apologize that I passed my delusion on.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Mayne Island Craft Tour

November 8th presents you with an unique opportunity. During this exciting week-end you have the opportunity to not only tour beautiful Mayne Island but you also are able to visit many of the local artists and artisans. See where we live and create.
I knew you would be.
So, how do you take advantage of this opportunity?
Well, all you need do is this. Travel to Mayne Island by sea or air. Then grab a map.

You'll find me at destination 5 as listed on the map: Copper Beech. You will find my work at 4 and 5. Listing number 4 is Coastal Creations - a well loved gallery. While there say "Hi" to Leanne. Yes, there are now three Leannes on Mayne Island.
Can the islanders truly be that lucky?
Oh, yes, yes, they can.

Today inspired by my old design...

I am knitting a scarf.

Will it be ready in time?
The only way you'll know is if you journey to Mayne.
Please visit me.
For those of you unable to attend, I will of course report on the week-end.
Until then...Take care,

Post to come

I was going to add to this blog this morning. However, hubby came in and asked for the camera. I'm sure what he has in mind but I am sure that he will return the camera. When that happens I will take a few shots and post. Please stay logged on. Thank you.
Take care,