Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adapting a children's sweater to fit an adult.

I just received an email in my inbox that may be of interest to you.
Have you ever saw a pattern and thought I'd really like to knit that but the pattern doesn't included instructions for my size.
What did you do?
Here's what you could do. Here's my advice to the knitter who contacted me.
Step 1) Search your bureau for your favourite sweater -- one that fits you well.
Step 2) Lay the sweater on a table. Carefully measure the sweater -- width and length.
Step 3) Using the yarn you have selected for this project, cast on for a sample swatch. Cast on 20 stitches and work for 2 inches. Use the same stitch pattern you will use for your project.
Math time...
For example, say that the front of your sweater is 20 inches wide.
Say that when you measured your sample swatch you got 5 stitches per inch.
5 x 20 = 100 stitches
You will need to cast on 100 stitches for the front of your sweater.
Work in stitch pattern until the desired length is achieved.
I hope this information is helpful to you.
Happy knitting,

Did you know that I'm author?
Did you know that Decadent Publishing has contracted to publish one of my books?
Yes, they did...
The name of the book is The Sweater Curse.
With a name like that you have to know that it has something to do with knitting. And you guessed right.
The Sweater Curse explores, in part, the special relationship between knitters and knitwear designers.
To learn more, please log on to:

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Knitting needles in hand

I'm going to a dance this weekend. I didn't have anything to wear. Well, I did have something to wear but I'd worn it before. I couldn't wear it yet again. Even though the dress is beautiful. You understand.
So, I'm knitting a top out of bamboo. I love the yarn. I hope I love the top. Fingers crossed.
Have front and back done, just working on the straps. Saturday is tomorrow. Today is full. Will I make it? Your positive thoughts are welcome.
Picture to follow. Hopefully taken during the dance.
Knit on

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