Monday, April 05, 2010

It's all me...

The last time I wrote here, I told you that I would explain this..

Well, actually, even though this is a recent picture, it represents a tradition. A tradition that Hubby started.
I wrote about this tradition on Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 in an post I called -- WHAT GOT CUT OFF?
Here's what I wrote...

Okay, let me premise this by saying, "I'm not vain." Half the time I run around with no make-up. Thankfully I live on a tiny island and can get away with this.
That said, I am experiencing a weird indescribable feeling. You see my hubby had this great idea of donating his hair for wigs for cancer survivors. With memories of my Mom's ordeal running around in my head, I surfed for a way to make his wish possible. I found this informative site: I went to their "hair donation" page and found the info I needed. We discovered that the amount they required was: 8". 8" what is that? Nothing. So I decided to throw my hat (or should I say hair) into the ring. I was the first on the chair. When asked how much I would like to donate I said and I quote: "As much as you can take. At least 10"." I am still wondering where that came from.
So did she take 8"? Oh, no, she was up for the challenge she took 12". My hubby was slightly shocked when he saw me. The new length is short. Everyone likes it. Everyone accept yours truly. The only thing I see when I look in the mirror is my very round very large Icelandic-Canadian face with no hair to balance it. I have rediscovered dangling earrings and high collars. So am I vain?

That's, that's. I concluded with a picture of my long hair.
However, that's not where the story ended. You see the next month Hubby and I went to his Christmas party. After the Christmas party, we went with some of his co-workers to a bar. It was one of those bars where you have to wait in line. A bouncer chooses the pick of the litter to enter and drink.
Well, Hubby and I were turned away. Some of the more prettier co-workers had to walk out of the bar and fight for us to be included.
You see me with my new hair cut wasn't judged visually appealing.
Would this have happened on Mayne Island?
Um, no.
Would this have happened to me if my hair had been longer?
I like to think it wouldn't.
You may say, "Who cares?"
I whine, "I do. It hurt."

So it took me five years -- April 1, 2010 -- until I...

did it again.
This time I will send my locks to "Angel Hair for Kids".
I encourage you to join in our tradition.

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