Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This month's Authors' Den pick

Do you remember when I use to report on my stories from Authors' Den?
Well, what I did was this...
I posted stories on my authors' den web site: www.authorsden/leannedyck.com
You logged on to read what interested you.
There is a counter on that site and it recorded the number of unique visitors each piece received.
I then read these stats. I posted the story which received the most hits here.
It's been a long time since I did this.
On this site I posted the entire first chapter of Maynely a Mystery. It is not surprising, that this body of writing has received a lot of hits.
However, let's focus on the short story that received the most hits.
It was: A Crush.
I offer it for your reading pleasure.

When she looked at him, her heart melted. A simple greeting or a smile was all that was required to send her swooning. Her heart beat faster and still faster until it jumped from her chest to her throat. Her heart continued its journey as it flew out of her mouth and spun around three times in mid air finally landing back in her throat. Her face blushed bright red as she stuttered and stammered nonsensically. At night, she fell asleep arms wrapped tightly around what others saw as her pillow but what she knew was his chest. During the day between school and household tasks her lips smacked loudly against her palm as she practiced kissing him.
She met with other girls who shared her obsession. They discussed his broad shoulders, his deep blue eyes and his kissable lips.
"He's so cute!" They giggled.

(c) ldyck 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

At 1 pm on Sunday, June 28th

As a novelist, I firmly believe that pictures (sometimes) speak louder than words.
Mayne Island's drum group

Eloquent words from the creator

The honouring figure's beauty is revealed.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A fancy new web site for Mayne Island artists

Check it out: www.artonmayne.com

Can you find me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is hidden will be revealed

Be on Mayne Island on Sunday, June 28th at 1 pm.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My trip to Salt Spring Island

I spent an enjoyable weekend (Friday to Saturday) on beautiful Salt Spring Island.

ArtCraft opened with style and grace - a retrospective of potter Judy Weeden's beautiful work. Here are some fine examples...

And because after all this is a knitting blog, here is the knitting related offerings I have available at ArtCraft this year...

Sweaters for babies and children.

Kits for knitting sweaters for babies and toddlers.

Hats for babies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

On Salt Spring Island

It will be a busy weekend on Salt Spring Island. ArtCraft (in Mahon Hall) is having its grand opening with an exhibit by a potter. Art Spring having an art show by 11 Salt Spring Island artisans.
Where will I be?
On Salt Spring Island, of course.
I will report back.
Have a happy weekend

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maynely a Mystery events on Mayne Island

Please log on to: www.maynelyamystery.blogspot.com for details.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Honouring Figure

For more information regarding the Honouring Figure, please read: http://www.mayneisland.com/honouringfigure.html

For a mystery solved, please read: www.maynelyamystery.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happening on Mayne Island

Mayne Islanders wait in eager anticipation for June 28th.

On that day, John Aitken, Mayne Island native craver, will erect his honouring figure. The large figure will welcome visitors to Mayne Island. The figure will honour the first peoples. It will be erected on Emma and Felix Jack Park.

Please join us on June 28th. It will be a fun day of celebration.
Please join me at the Maynely a Mystery blog (www.maynelyamystery.blogspot.com) for a Maynely a Mystery sighting. Thank you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

ArtCraft is open

The gentle breeze that blows over the gulf islands stirs our creative minds. The sun shines and we are inspired by the beauty that engulfs us. The rain falls and our creations grow. See the bounty of our labour. Visit ArtCraft gallery on Salt Spring Island. Today the seasonal gallery opens for another year. ArtCraft is housed in Mahon Hall on Rainbow Road.

Weaving together the diverse collection of talent that abounds on the gulf islands is no easy feat. And yet each year the ArtCraft staff accomplish simply this with style and grace. It is my honour to lend a hand. Volunteering allows me to watch the magical transformation.

These pictures were taken on Wednesday, June 10th as the hall was under going its transformation.

The book section sadly minus Maynely a Mystery. However, fear not Maynely a Mystery will arrive...soon. Until then I would be thrilled if you cornered a ArtCraft staff member to pre-order your copy. It would be wonderful if I arrived at the hall with an armful of books only to be told that they were all sold. ...a girl can dream. ...especially this girl.

This is a side room. It is full of colour, full of natural beauty.

If you are able, travel to Salt Spring Island and witness the magic of this gallery in person. It is well worth a visit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sneak a peek

I hope you are enjoying reading chapter one of Maynely a Mystery. I have just added page 33. To read this novel, please log on to: www.maynelyamystery.blogspot.com

This new design will soon appear in a Canadian knitting magazine...

Can you guess which one?

Friday, June 05, 2009

a new Mayne Island web site

Yesterday, in the mail, the MayneLiner arrived. I flipped through the pages. The magazine pluses with island news. A full page ad announced the birth of a new Mayne Island web site.
Check it out: www.mayne.ca.
Visit me. Maynely a Mystery is listed on the writers page. (Go figure)
Stay tuned for more Maynely a Mystery news.
P.S. Would you like to see some knitting on this blog? Let me know -- email: leanne@oknitting.com

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Look who came back

as promised I have returned.
I was over on Salt Spring Island setting up for ArtCraft (a seasonal art and craft gallery in Mahon Hall). While there I visited some bookstores and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be seeing Maynely a Mystery in at least a few of them.
Which brings me to an interesting topic...if you would like to see Maynely a Mystery in your bookstore or if you own a bookstore and would like to sell Maynely a Mystery please email me: leanne@oknitting.com
Now please join me here: www.maynelyamystery.blogspot.com
I've added page 26 of Maynely a Mystery: Chapter one
Happy reading!