Friday, April 16, 2010

Progress on the ebook edition of Novelty Yarn

Yesterday I worked really hard and the result is that the ebook edition of NOVELTY YARN is almost ready to be sent to smashwords. The only thing I forgot was that I was going to include a pattern. That's right a pattern.
Cool, eh?
I know...
What pattern?
Well, I call it Jo
and it looks like this...
I've knit this toque for men; I've knit it for women; I've knit for children; I knit it for infants; I knit for me. All have loved it. The ribbing means that it conforms to your head -- really keeps your ears warm.
Is it easy to knit?
Well, you know that I don't design, I don't knit anything that isn't.
I will include sizes for adults, children and infants. The only thing I won't be able to include is a picture. So I will post a picture on . I will post it there when the ebook is published.
So when you see a photo of this toque on you'll know the NOVELTY YARN is ready for you.
Happy knitting,
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