Friday, January 30, 2009

So just where have I been all day?

Um, well, I went to my writers' group this morning : )
I'm so fortunate to have such a supportive, productive writers' group.
I went to practice for my latest gig. : )
The "gig" is a fundraiser for Mayne Island's Rest -Q Animal Sanctuary.
Rest -Q provides a loving home for 130 abused, neglected and abandoned animals. They now oink, purr, quack, snort, bark in their forever home.
The fundraiser (gig) is planned for the evening of February 14th. The evening will be full of Broadway music, poetry and delicious desserts.
Sound like fun?
I know. So many thought the same that there are no tickets left.
Then I went to the health clinic. : (
I had a silver in bedded in my thumb.
It is now out. The doctor was gentle. I felt safe in her capable hands. ...but now I'm in pain. ...okay, I don't do pain well.

"What's this about "litter" ?" you ask

Please allow me to explain.
On my Author's Den web site, ,I have collection of stories, a few articles, and even some poems. Each month I add more.
I invite you to log on and read what interests you.
The web site automatically calculates a tally of the pieces you read. At the end of each month I post your favourite piece. This month you choose...
drum roll, please

A Critical Eye

Her eyes were cold, hard, steel.

"You're so naive. You think the world loves you. You may fool some of them. You may. But you can't fool me. They don't see you like I do. They don't see your blemishes but I see them, I do. You're a weak, empty headed, school-girl seeking approval. Who cares what they think? What do you think? That's what matters. Focus on that. Have a little back bone. Show some courage. You have to think you are someone to be someone. Believe in yourself. Believe."

Morning ritual complete she turned from the mirror.


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