Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The little engine that could

First a weather review, the snow has left and the sun shines. It is a beautiful day.

Now a tale...

I had a happy childhood. I remember sun soaked days of outside play. Yet, I know my life wasn't as wonderful as memory would have me believe. I know there were times when I was disappointed, I know there were times when I cried. And I know there were times when I was frustrated.

I know this because I have sweet memories of my Dad coming to my aide over and over again. In one memory, I remember being in tears. I was crying over my inability to do one thing or another. As often happened, my Dad attempted to console me. He heard my frustration. He validated it. Then he told me the story of the little engine that could. He said that everyone doubted that the little engine could climb that mountain. The mountain was so big and the little engine was so small. All wanted the little engine to succeed. Yet doubt remained. Then he smiled and said, "but he believed in himself and was successful. Try. That's all we ask. Try. We believe in you. We want you succeed. Try. You don't know what you can accomplish. You will never know unless you try."

Its a lesson I try to hold on to. Its a memory that has helped me succeed where I thought I would fail.

A few months ago, I shared my novella with friends.

Their reply, "Its good but its not finished."

I was upset. How could they tell me that? Didn't they know how much I had tried? Didn't they know how much work I had put into it?

Still their message remained, "its not finished."

When I shared it with them it was approximately 18, 000 words in length. I thought it was finished. However, the message remained so I went back to work.

The words flowed and continue to flow.

Now it is 20, 383 words. Now I know its not done. Now I wonder if it will it be a novella or a novel. A novella is from 17, 500 to 45, 000 words. A novel is longer.

Now my mantra is: "I think I can, I think I can finish the story."


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