Friday, October 20, 2006

What day is this?

You'll never have to ask this question again if you follow my advice.
My advice.
Get one of these...

It's a great little desk top calendar. Jammed packed full of must-knit patterns. Patterns for all skill levels, all ages, all styles.
Mine arrived yesterday.
What did I do? I poured over the pages. I flipped from January 1st to December 31st. I searched for my patterns. Along the way I was inspired by the talent of my fellow knitwear designers. Wow!
Okay, I know what you are saying.
"Leanne, that's extremely bad luck."
I know this because my own Hubby will not stay in the room when I engage in this activity.
But I don't buy into this song and dance.
Quick where's some wood to knock on... : )


Blogger :L, Laura said...

i loved seeing your patterns in this calendar, and my own as well!
and my dh is like yours, just not interested in my knitting... says "get a girlfriend". but he
has an amazingly sharp eye to find
if i have a knitting mistake, and that helps.
L, Laura

1:17 PM  

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