Monday, October 16, 2006

knitting class: Knitting exercises

No, I'm not talking about visiting your local yarn shop to bench press some mohair. Although that may work. And if it does go for it.
What I'm concerned with today is caring for your body so that you can continue your life in yarn.
I speak as an addict. I have knit for eight hours straight. No break. Smart? No. I became concerned when I started having pain in my wrist. When I brought this pain to my doctor's attention she restricted me to four hours a day. Friends have advised that when it starts to hurt take a week off. Nice thought but I can't always afford this. Yarn is my career.
What I did in the past was work through the pain. I had a deadline I worked towards it. Nothing would stand in my way. ...NOT SMART.
What I do now is stay tuned in to my body. When I feel pain I take this as a sign that I have done too much. I slow down. I ice my wrists. (Wrap ice in a facecloth and lay on my wrist. No more than ten minutes on each wrist). I also do some of these exercises.
My new goal is to stay healthy so that I can continue to enjoy my life in yarn.


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