Friday, January 09, 2009

An uneasy feeling

I just tried to log on to:
And I received a "Gateway Timeout" message.
This message left me with an uneasy feeling.
It gave me an uneasy feeling not merely because
I have no idea what the message means but also
because is my web site.
It is the site that displays not only my hand
knitting patterns but also my books. I was
overwhelmed by this uneasy feeling when I
considered your reaction. You may think that my
site is down for a myriad of reasons one of which
may be that I have run away and now live on
coconuts and bananas on some hot, humid island.
You may think that I have abandoned my pen and
my needles for a fishing pole and hammock.
Please don't think this. Its not true. I haven't left.
I'm still here. I have notified those who can help.
And with some faith, hope I, it will return.
Knit on
PS Please remember that although I may not be
here: but I am still here:


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